missed steaks….

In a passage from Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” he discusses owning up to our mistakes. It’s hard for people to admit that they’re wrong. When a mistake is made and realized, especially when it involves another person, it is always beneficial to apologize to that person and admit your wrong doing(s). However, Carnegie states that a person apologizing must take full responsibility for the situation, even if there was another person involved in the wrong doing(s). He claims to apologize and leave room for the other person’s mistake is a mistake in and of itself, but I don’t agree with this. Often situations come to a terrible head due to the faults of more than one person, and I feel like that should be recognized. One person shouldn’t have to take all of the blame just to have the hope of redeeming the situation and relationship.

Carnegie was specifically discussing a situation between two people, where both have done things to lead to an upsetting situation and strained relationship between them. He goes on to describe how if one finds themselves in that situation and is wanting to fix things, they should apologize – and I agree! BUT… he also says the person apologizing must take on full responsibility for the bad occurrences, and that I definitely don’t agree with. It should be understood that both people had a role in what happened. Apologize for what you did, show you’re sorry, humble yourself. However, this doesn’t mean I believe you should then go and point your finger at the other person and demand they say their piece too. I just think the boundaries of what everyone did should be respected.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, especially lately. I don’t really have a problem admitting them, but I do feel a little bothered at having to admit them in such an open setting. Just hoping most of my classmates won’t care enough to read anything I’m posting.

List of mistakes I’ve made/things that I regret (in recent times)

  • Procrastinating my school work this year
  • Procrastinating everything in my life this year
  • Being too afraid to talk to one of my friends when there was clearly an issue (I ended up losing that friend. Hahaha)
  • Being too lazy and prideful to talk to a different friend when there was an issue (I lost that friend too and I don’t care as much, but I still should’ve done differently)
  • Being mean to people
  • Being mean to my friends
  • Becoming too attached to people
  • Letting my anger control me
  • “The Dare Game”
  • Becoming overly emotional (altho I cant rlly help that)
  • Crying at various inappropriate times
  • Sharing too much personal information (which is exactly what im doing right now)
  • Not being nicer to my mother
  • Letting my relationship with my mother worsen
  • Taking advantage of my father, lying to him (he is so good to me, I don’t deserve him)
  • Not putting more effort into my relationship with my step mother
  • Not being more careful about my risky behavior
  • Not working on that stupid legacy project
  • Picking a hard topic for my legacy project
  • Not reading and writing like I used to (aka I never do either of those things anymore, unless required of me… even then I don’t do it most of the time)
  • Becoming shy again (I had worked so hard to not be that way)
  • Not taking the acts or sats
  • Not applying to college
  • Falling into an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Overthinking and overanalyzing literally everything
  • Letting myself worry about things (most of which don’t matter or I end up being wrong about) to the point where it consumes me
  • Putting too much of myself into my friends, especially when they don’t do the same
  • Allowing myself to get hurt over every little thing
  • Allowing myself to give into fear and anxiety
  • Every day when I come home from school and sit in my bed and do nothing when I should be doing everything

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