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Ive always felt weird about dating and relationships. Although at first, I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was exactly. I remember being in middle school (lol) and most people had been in some type of “relationship” at that point. I would tell my friends id never had a boyfriend, and they would just be so shocked. I just explained that I didn’t have the urge, I didn’t care to. Looking back, it seems ridiculous to put the expectation of dating on 12 and 13 year olds.

Even now, the urge is still not there. In fact, there is rather an urge to wait, wait a very long time. Also I’m pretty disgusted by romance. I never really understood why so many teens just have this yearning to be in a relationship. I have a better understanding of that perspective now, but I still don’t fully “get” it. And so many teens who crave that romantic affection and don’t receive it feel they are unlovable and will never be able to find anybody that will want them. The notion is just so insane to me, because we are so young. We have barely even experienced life. There are so many people and places and things that will come into our lives in the future, not being able to find anyone as a teenager is not a good reflection for the grand scheme of life. Besides, hopefully, most of us will be completely different people as adults than as we are now, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Dating is such a serious thing. I believe you shouldn’t date someone without the probable intention of marriage. I just feel that romantic relationships are a very, very serious commitment and bond between two people. Casual dating leads is what leads to so much romantic heartbreak. And of course, almost no teenager is ready for marriage, like this article points out. Teens for the most part are just not emotionally and mentally ready for a relationship. Most of the time, the relationship tumultuously ends in heart break, either on both ends, or on one end where one person was much more invested than the other. And younger people often don’t know how to handle or sort through their emotions. The weight of a relationship that is most often accompanied by the strains of a sexual one as well just create a turmoil of emotions that most teenagers cannot adequately handle.

Dating should be reserved for older, matured people. Some teenagers, very few, are mature enough to handle a relationship and can fully understand the consequences. Most though, don’t. I definitely don’t think teenagers should date, but I dont think that they should be not allowed to, like the article suggests. Not allowing them to date will just make them want to. And the idea sounds crazy, being 16 or 17 and your parents wont let you date someone. So teenagers should probably just be advised against dating and properly educated on how a relationship should be. And if they want to date, they will do it anyways, regardless of what their parents say. If their parents wont allow them, it will just lead to deceit and mistrust between the child and parent.

However, im not opposed to having a casual fling with someone. I think it is a bit unreasonable for young people to completely abstain from romantic/sexual interest (although not impossible, and possibly the best choice for some). But anything that involves commitment or deep feelings is probably not the wisest choice.


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